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“Liquid Level Gauge”:

Used to calibrate chemical injection systems. The gauge provides a visual means for checking the contents of a bulk tank and a means for checking the injection rate of a chemical metering pump. To gauge is designed to operate in low to medium pressure applications up to 500 psig.

One Minute Test:

Isolate the chemical in the tank from the gauge. The scale on the left side is for the gauge volume and the scale on the right will read the flow rate of the pump; i.e. gallon per Hour (GPH). Keeping the
isolation valve closed and noting the number of marks the fluid
passes in one minute will give the actual chemical pump rate.

Gauge Features:

  • Teflon compression ferrule used to isolate the glass tube from the chamber
  • Rugged armored gauge construction protects sight glass from mechanical impact
  • Custom scales for tank volume or other calibrations are available
  • Armored frame and polycarbonate shield protect operator
  • ½” NPT and flange connections standard
  • Standard sight tube is 5/8” O.D. glass.
  • Made in the USA

Gauge Specifications:

  • Process Connection: ½” MNPT

Housing Material:

  • C = Zinc Plated Carbon Steel
  • A = All wetted parts 316 Stainless Steel with 304 Stainless Steel Frame
  • W = All wetted parts 316 Stainless Steel with Zinc Plated Carbon Steel Frame
  • PC = All wetted parts PVC with Carbon Steel Frame
  • PS = All wetted parts PVC with Stainless Steel Frame

Sight Tube Material:

  • 5/8” O.D. Standard Glass
  • *Other sight tube materials available. Consult factory for options

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