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Corrosion Test Coupon Applications:

  • To provide a basis for estimating service life of process
  • To provide an insight into corrosion mechanics
  • To compare resistance of one alloy to another
  • As a quality control test for a given heat of alloy
  • Pr-weighing and Post-weighing of corrosion test coupons available
    upon request
  • Made in the USA


Corrosion Test Coupons can be furnished with a variety of finishes depending on your particular application. Some of the typical finishes available are defined below.


 Test Coupons are finished as produced from mill

Glass Bead:

Test Coupons are blasted with fine glass beads to remove mill scale

120 Grit:  

Fine finish commonly used in corrosion tests, such as pitting studies,where smooth surface finish is desired. Finishes up to 600 grit (extremely fine)can be provided

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